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Effective Swimming in the Boundary Layer
- Remora-inspired Advanced AUV Recovery


The attached swimming of remora with the host (created by Fiona Ayerst /


The suction disc of the remora (created by Andrea Izzotti /

Natural symbiotic relationships have developed throughout the evolution process. Remora fish (e.g. Echeneis neucratoides, sometimes called the “suckerfish”) are considered one of the laziest fish in the ocean as they are more likely to be found attached onto a host with the help of their sucking disc on their head rather than swimming on their own.

Remora fish

Length: 51~73 cm / 25~35 cm

Sea area: Puerto Rico (USA)

This research is primarily focused on the investigations of the effect of the boundary layer flow and the attachment locations, using computational fluid dynamics tools.

Featured Research Outcomes: 

Journal Articles:
1. Xu, Y., W. Shi, A. A. Galeana, L. Mei and Y. K. Demirel (2021). "Understanding of Remora's "Hitchhiking" Behaviour from a Hydrodynamic Point of View." Scientific Reports.
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