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Our team is dedicated to leveraging our expertise in marine hydrodynamics to pioneer innovative biomimetic solutions that enhance and enable advanced marine operations.
We firmly believe that biomimetics is not just "Copy & Paste"; it's about delving deep into the intricacies of nature. Our mission is to comprehensively understand the unique challenges faced by the maritime industry. By drawing inspiration from Mother Nature, we aim to craft practical and cutting-edge technological solutions that address these challenges head-on.

What we do

Research Focus: Numerical and experimental marine hydrodynamics.

Industrial Sector: Energy-related marine hydrodynamics challenges. Energy harvesting in marine renewables or energy efficiency in marine vehicles.​


Computational Fluid Dynamics

The simulation is to use the knowns to explore the unknowns.

We conduct CFD analysis using commercial and open-source codes with developed bespoke scripts for challenging simulations. 


Experimental Hydrodynamics

The experiment is to explore the unknowns.

We conducted testing for innovative designs for ships and marine renewables with the state of the art equipment and facility.


Advanced Engineering Design

Design towards application.

We conduct advanced design studies with industrial standards and consideration to push the researched technologies to production and application.

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