Our group is aiming to use our expertise in the marine hydrodynamics field to develop effective and feasible biomimetic solutions to enable advanced marine operations.
We believe biomimetics is not just "Copy & Paste". For us, the mission is to understand the needs and address the challenges of the maritime industry by using Mother Nature as our inspiration to develop practical technological solutions.
  • Strive for excellent research delivery
  • Support local and international industry
  • Form a happy and healthy research community
Key research areas:
  • Experimental and numerical marine hydrodynamics
  • Hydrodynamics of tidal energy devices
  • Marine renewable energy powered self-sustainable autonomous underwater vehicle
  • Marine propeller hydrodynamic performance, cavitation, noise and vibration
  • Design and development of energy saving devices for marine vehicles
Key research tools:
  • Marine hydrodynamic testing: resistance and propulsion tests, open water tests, cavitation tests, underwater radiated noise tests 
  • Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV);
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics Software: Ansys (CFX, Fluent, ANSYS Composite), Star-CCM+
  • CAD Software: Solidworks; Rhino; AutoCAD
  • Coding: Labview; Fortran; C